Adam and Renae

These people, their soon-to-be wedding, this evening, and that sky.  I swear, the clouds gathered just so they could be in the photos too. I nearly stopped photographing for a bit because I was so enchanted by the sky.

Here are some people who love all things art and quirky, so you can imagine- we had a blast. I just wish I could introduce you all to them, because they are some of the most quality people you’ll meet. They are so stinking natural in front of the camera too.

xoxo = eskimo kisses.

You’ll see what I mean

IMG_3919 IMG_3926 IMG_3958 IMG_3962 IMG_3967 IMG_3972 IMG_3982IMG_3994-2 IMG_3991  IMG_3998 IMG_4027-2 IMG_4037 IMG_4049 IMG_4081 IMG_4108 IMG_4120 IMG_4132 IMG_4149 IMG_4172 IMG_4184 IMG_4210 IMG_4220 IMG_4222 IMG_4236 IMG_4241 IMG_4253 IMG_4258 IMG_4263 IMG_4278 IMG_4284

Deuces, eskimos!

Adam and Renae