Julie, Jason, and Lil’ Jubilee

This is a recent maternity shoot that I had with one of my best friends from church.  Julie is one of those friends who, despite my horrible communication skills, still seems to stay one of my closest friends.  She knows me through and through.  The times not spent together are often long gaps of time, but she still seems have the knack for looking me in the eye and calling me who I truly am. “You are my little Smelly Melly,” she’ll say.  She’ll recognize a sparkle in my eye while I’m telling her a story.  “Girl, I know that look- I haven’t seen you this passionate about something in a long time. You go for it!” Have you ever had a friend like that?  Who calls you to be who you truly are and holds you accountable?  Or someone who you don’t see in a very long time, and yet when you reconvene, it’s like there never had been a separation?

Julie and Jason are planning on meeting their sweet girl, Jubilee at the end of December.  I was able to capture some of their interactions together.  Their love is one of my favorite things to watch.  After getting married, they worked in their local town to help fight human and sex trafficking.  Soon after, they moved to Thailand to do the same, teach English, and establish relationships.  There, they received the greatest gift so far. Enter baby Jubilee.  Now they are back in North Carolina, nesting and awaiting the arrival of their sweet bundle.  And putting wool socks on, because it’s getting darn cold up there.

Check out the shoot.  The sky’s mood lighting is the best lighting, I’d say.

IMG_5359  IMG_5398  IMG_5415 IMG_5419 IMG_5500IMG_5425 IMG_5411-2IMG_5479IMG_5376IMG_5445 IMG_5450 IMG_5453  IMG_5486  IMG_5517 IMG_5519 IMG_5544 IMG_5535-2 IMG_5530IMG_5549 IMG_5552 IMG_5555 IMG_5556  IMG_5563 IMG_5574 IMG_5580 IMG_5559IMG_5603

Julie, Jason, and Lil’ Jubilee

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