Christmas Story Shoot

So I’m slowly beginning to realize something about myself.  I love to meet new people.  I like to make new friends.  I may not remember a person’s name the first, say, twelve times I see them, but I’ll remember a face. And a great personality.  Besides the obvious pros, meeting new people helps you network, and also find common interests. For example, if I never would had the guts to go to a holiday party with my friend Molly, I never would have met Chelsea.  And had I never met Chelsea, I never would have had the opportunity to  make this shoot happen.  The night of the party, I almost said no.  Part of me didn’t feel like going to a house full of people I didn’t know.  But I’ve learned that I rarely regret it once I have.  So I gathered my courage and favorite lipstick, and headed out.

Needless to say, it ended up being a great and inspiring night.  I left the house, having had a great conversation with Chelsea about my desire to do more Story Shoots out of people’s homes.  I want to document peoples’ lives.  Just be a fly on the wall while parents make their kids pancakes, and while toddlers walk around in their diapers.

Chelsea loved it.  She, a blogger, had been thinking of doing a Christmas shoot in her house to commemorate the holiday and debut her beautifully styled home.

Here’s the shoot. I had a blast.  I mean, seriously- I’m calling this full time work and I just got to listen to Christmas music and sip hot chocolate. Plus, Chelsea’s like the hottest little Christmas gal. Check out her splendid blog here:

The point is: fight the temptation to be a hermit. I’m an introvert too, so you don’t have an excuse.  Go out and meet new people. Get to know them, and most importantly, let them get to know you. Because you are worth getting to know.

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Christmas Story Shoot

Kharitonenko Family

I sat down last night just to preview some of these photos and to try to figure out how long it would take me to edit them.  I had a silly little grin on my face while I looked, I’m sure. I started editing one (just for the preview, I promised myself).  I blinked and suddenly the whole shoot was edited! Apparently I enjoyed myself a little too much while editing these photos.  So I guess what I’m saying is that if you want your photos done quickly, bring some adorable kids and some great looking scenery my way and *BAM*- your shoot will be back to you in a jiffy!

I had so much fun with this adorable family.  Thanks, Irina for contacting me! You guys couldn’t get any cuter, really.








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Kharitonenko Family