Rentz Wedding

The sky was overcast and the air held a chill unlike the usual balmy days Florida likes to entertain.  As I walked into the beautiful old house to find the bride, I could feel that the atmosphere from within was nothing like the weather outside.  There was an excitement as I passed over old wooden floors to the room upstairs.  There sat the beaming bride, whose smile couldn’t have been hidden if she tried.  I had only heard snippets of how difficult the week before the wedding had been for her, and yet here she sat so at ease and overcome with joy.  Christina was a vision in her dress.  Ronny was a solid force of confidence.  I could see that there was nothing else they wanted but each other on that day.  “The week has been so difficult, but today I’m just so excited to marry my best friend,” she said to me with tears in her eyes.

A Tallahassee wedding.  Moody skies and the most joyful people.  I couldn’t have been more pleased on my drive back home that night.


Rentz Wedding

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