Chust Ben and Mabel

Ben and Mabel. Where in the world do I start about these two?  Their lives have been interwoven with mine since as long as I can remember.  Let’s see what I can find in my memory box. I recall moments of my mom and Mabel laying out in the Ohio summer sun with their neon bikinis and big hair. That was, of course, back in the ’80’s.  I remember cold winter days with feet of snow, leaving four wheel tracks in circles behind us. I think it was their house where I finally perfected a figure 8.  And then there was Mabel’s art room which somehow made its way into my subconscious. It’s where I would go simply to admire all of the potential projects and dream of one day having my own.  Ribbon, lace, paints, canvasses, and endless supplies of paper. It was a dream.  But what I remember most about Mabel and Ben is how they poured into my life.  The words they would say.  The talks on the back patio while birds came to perch on the feeder. How they were always willing to take me in and take the time to sit and talk with me. To hear about my melodramatic teenage woes. I’m trying not to feel sorry for how many horrible jokes I probably made them listen to. It’s funny how they somehow saw something in my 12 year old gangly, silly self.  Something that I couldn’t see at the time.   And oh, how they love to laugh.  I wouldn’t doubt for a second that they had some part to play in helping me get in touch with the humorous part of myself. The part that probably amuses me far more than anyone else in the world.

I could go on, but I think I’ll leave it at this- Ben and Mabel are some of my favorite people in the whole world. Their uniqueness and evident love for one another is truly inspiring.

They came to Sarasota to visit my family this last week. We were pretty thrilled.

I chust love them so much.IMG_2855 IMG_2863-2 IMG_2869 IMG_2887IMG_2883

Chust Ben and Mabel

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