While I was editing this shoot, I remember moving to a photo and just freaking out.  This girl. I mean, does she model for a living? Nope. She’s just a natural.  What I love more than anything is that her inward beauty only adds to it all.  She’s got the faith (no pun intended), the gentleness, and the kindness.

We had a lot of fun on the shoot.  She got strangled by some spanish moss.  *Photo not posted for her sake.  :]

faith-1 faith-3 faith-5 faith-9 faith-10 faith-15 faith-16 faith-18 faith-23 faith-22 faith-24 faith-25 faith-31 faith-33 faith-35 faith-39 faith-41 faith-42

faith-40faith-44faith-48 faith-50 faith-51 faith-52 faith-54 faith-55 faith-56 faith-57 faith-64 faith-65 faith-67



Miss Nora

So I’ve been hanging around children a little more frequently lately.  And though I haven’t been particularly fond of them before, I’m beginning to sway my opinion.  They are charming little stinkers.  I always heard about the “miracle of birth,” yada yada and “how fast they grow,” yada yada.  It never really had much affect on me. I’ve just never been around children very much.

I think that I can probably pin point the moment that all began to change in my heart.  I think it was the moment, after thirty some hours of waiting, when my best friend held Nora in her arms for the first time.  I was behind the camera for all of it, and all eyes were on those two. But if you would have turned and looked back at me, you would have seen little tears pooling in my eyes.  I could hear myself repeat, “oh my gosh, oh my gosh,” but it was almost like my voice was outside of my body- it wasn’t really coming from myself.  And I stood there camera still in hand, unable to see what it was focused on.  I kept looking at her little eyes and her lips. Oh, her lips! And that’s the point where it changed for me.  I think I got it.

Though this was the turning point in a sense for me, I had been experiencing other strange things culminating within my little- apparently grinch-like heart.  I’d been helping my sister with her nanny job once a week.  This means I got to spend 4.5 hours with a one year old every once or twice a week.  And I began to appreciate the little moments when she would run to me like she liked me.  Or when she actually laughed at something I did to entertain her (I mean, I think I’m funny).  Or the way she curled up in my arms while I rocked her before her nap.  Am I sounding mushy? Oh my gosh, I’m being a mush ball.  To save myself some dignity, I’ll refrain from any more of these moments.  I will say one more thing: I’m feeling a lot more comfortable around babies now.  My feelings aren’t as hurt when they cry in my arms.  I feel like I can hold them without making their heads fall off (they really are a lot more durable than you’d think). That being said, it’s still going to take me a while to get over  my disgust over all the weird fluids that babies produce and get all over you. Vomit. Pee. Poop. Boogers. Snot. Ew. I’m definitely #notafan .

And on a funnier note (and the reason for this post) what I most appreciate about babies is their ability to be them.  Flagrantly so.  I love their odd shaped bodies and incessant babbling- all things that would be considered faux pa for an adult to do.

So here’s Nora. The girl who kind of changed my life in a way.  Or at least my perspective.

I’ll be pointing out some of my favorite poses and faces.

Nora-1 Nora-5 Nora-6 Nora-10  Nora-12 Nora-13 Nora-15

Here’s rapper Nora:Nora-19

Intimidating Nora:Nora-21

Stoked about her age Nora:Nora-23   Nora-29

And my personal fave, incredibly pear shaped Nora (when would it ever be cool to flaunt this bod in public as an adult?)Nora-30

The clingy Nora:Nora-31 Nora-32

And the skeptical Nora:Nora-38 Nora-41


She gone:Nora-39

Miss Nora


This past weekend one of my dearest friends got married to her best friend.  I cried all the tears and laughed all the laughs.  I also didn’t catch any of the sleeps.

Basically the weekend was like a forced friendship between eight girls.  But the beauty in it was that we were all linked to one amazing woman- Danielle- so we were pretty compliant.  Eager, actually.  And true to form, I found that Danielle has picked some amazing women to stand by her in life.

If I were to write about all the things Danielle means to me, I’d probably type until my fingers fall asleep so I’ll spare myself. I hate that painful prickly feeling.

Instead, I’d like to highlight a few things that come to mind.  First, something she has taught me is the beauty of imperfection.  This was monumental to me during college because I’ve always grown up with this ideal image of what I need to be.  What my life needs to look like.  Expectations not only put on myself by others, but mostly from myself.  I’ll never forget seeing her make mistakes during our time in school.  Each time she learned something valuable and crucial for her personal growth. I remember her talking about “embracing the messy” in our lives.  And it was in those moments where I realized I didn’t have to be perfect. I learned how to live life freely.  Free to be myself,  mess up sometimes, and take responsibility to clean up after.  If you know me, you’ll understand why this is such a big deal.  I’m kind of clumsy and crazy things happen to me all the time. I’m anything but perfect.

It’s actually what you do after you make a mistake that counts.  We all fail.  We all screw up. And that’s ok.

Something else I drew from Danielle was how she holds on to her values.  She doesn’t take them lightly. Time after time I have been in awe of how she lives out her faith and loyalty to the ones she loves. I’ve watched her waver over decisions and I’ve seen her hold fast to the things that she knows and believes. She chooses according to what makes her a better person. I’ve watched as she moved hundreds of miles away to cultivate her relationship with Bill. I’ve listened to her speak words of life over me during some of my lowest moments. She’s not afraid of doing difficult things. I love that about her.

So here’s a bit of the weekend. I hope it gives a glimpse of the camaraderie that unraveled.  It was so good to make new friends and travel with older ones.  Travel does my heart good.  billelle-95 billelle-96 billelle-98


billelle-4 billelle-3 billelle-2 billelle-1 billelle-7 billelle-9 billelle-10 billelle-11 billelle-17 billelle-18 billelle-13 billelle-16

billelle-29 billelle-30 billelle-31 billelle-32 billelle-34 billelle-33 billelle-37 billelle-38

billelle-19 billelle-22 billelle-23 billelle-24 billelle-26 billelle-28 billelle-41 billelle-43 billelle-47 billelle-52


billelle-53 billelle-54 billelle-58 billelle-56 billelle-64 billelle-65 billelle-62 billelle-70 billelle-71


billelle-74 billelle-75

billelle-80 billelle-83 billelle-85 billelle-86 billelle-87 billelle-89 billelle-92 billelle-93 billelle-94



So this is going to be a fun little post because I just couldn’t keep all this cuteness to myself.

“Aminals.” How I used to say it when I was a kid. Guys, I’ve been loving all the little critters in my shoots lately. There’s just something that these little guys bring to our lives. So I wanted to bring some exposure to these little gems.


4Y5A8758 4Y5A8781 4Y5A8813 4Y5A8817 IMG_6036 IMG_6048 IMG_6087 IMG_6110 IMG_6117 IMG_2298 IMG_2290 IMG_3274 IMG_3281 IMG_3301 IMG_3103