Greek Easter, Great Easter

I was chatting to my cute design friend a while ago about the Story Shoots I’ve been doing lately.  We parted ways and a few days later I got a call from her and this time with an excitement in her voice to match my own.  She had an idea.  Story shoot…Easter… her family is Greek.  Greek Easter.  All these things, all combined into one day. It sounded lovely.

Here are the results.  Beyond the fun of having free reign with photo taking, I was so honored to be included in the festivities.  I felt like family.

Eleni told me that Easter was going to be at her house.  I didn’t know that she would be doing all the cooking. And decorating. And hosting.  I didn’t know how amazing she is.

I like to write, but I’d rather just show you.  The day was beautiful and the sun was dancing all over the yard alongside the children.  The dog was excited, and we all left considerably more plump and pleasant.

elenieaster-1 elenieaster-2 elenieaster-4 elenieaster-6 elenieaster-7 elenieaster-8 elenieaster-10 elenieaster-13 elenieaster-15 elenieaster-16 elenieaster-20 elenieaster-21 elenieaster-22 elenieaster-25 elenieaster-26 elenieaster-28 elenieaster-33 elenieaster-35 elenieaster-36 elenieaster-37 elenieaster-43 elenieaster-44 elenieaster-49 elenieaster-50 elenieaster-51 elenieaster-52 elenieaster-53 elenieaster-58 elenieaster-60 elenieaster-62 elenieaster-64 elenieaster-65 elenieaster-67 elenieaster-69 elenieaster-73 elenieaster-76 elenieaster-81 elenieaster-83 elenieaster-85 elenieaster-90 elenieaster-92

This is Eleni and her favorite furry friend:elenieaster-113


Eleni’s beautiful family:

Eleni and Shawn. The cutest.elenieaster-118 elenieaster-143 elenieaster-125

Greek Easter, Great Easter

Godshall Family

So you are currently looking at one of my favorite shoots. The colors, the people… Seriously, there’s just something that starts to stir in me when I get to document people in their homes.  You wouldn’t think it makes a difference, but there is a physical change that happens to people when you bring the camera to them- not vice versa.  They are calm. They smile more.  They even get more creative.  Jason and Jen made my heart happy.  And wouldn’t you know that little baby Nate really likes me? He honestly breaks into a huge grin when I walk into the room.  And this kid has a killer grin that will melt a heart of stone. It did mine anyway. Did I mention anything about these colors?

So here is to Story Shoots at home. Here’s to the Godshall family for letting me in.  Here’s to many more to come!nategodshall-5 nategodshall-9 nategodshall-10 nategodshall-13 nategodshall-20 nategodshall-19 nategodshall-23 nategodshall-25nategodshall-2nategodshall-27 nategodshall-28 nategodshall-34 nategodshall-39 nategodshall-42 nategodshall-44 nategodshall-48 nategodshall-52 nategodshall-53 nategodshall-54

Godshall Family

Morone Wedding

I’m just now putting this wedding on the blog.  Better late than never, right?

I love this couple.  Everything about them is sweet, gentle, and caring.  And they have a great story.  They met online.  I knew Trisha before she met Joe.  When I met them to go over wedding plans, I just looked at her.  She had this little glint in her eye that I hadn’t seen before.  And when she smiled, I’m pretty sure I saw one of her teeth do that sparkle thing you see in the movies.  Joe was in a similar condition.  They were smitten.  And I was smitten by their smitten-ness.  Don’t kill me for making up a word.

Here are the photos from their special day.





Morone-34 Morone-42 Morone-44



Morone-40 Morone-57 Morone-61 Morone-71

Morone-81 Morone-136 Morone-139 Morone-143

Morone-78 Morone-86 Morone-89 Morone-99

Morone-110 Morone-112Morone-104Morone-122


Morone-97 Morone-116 Morone-130 Morone-132 Morone-135 Morone-149

Morone-142 Morone-155 Morone-159 Morone-171 Morone-173 Morone-177



Morone-186 Morone-188 Morone-190 Morone-206 Morone-211 Morone-208



Morone-236 Morone-231 Morone-220 Morone-214 Morone-212




Morone Wedding