My dear little model, Easton.  She has style. She has class. And she’s the sweetest chic you’ll ever meet. And the most talented.  I was so excited when we were planning for this shoot, and it lived up to my expectations.  This dreamer is a dear friend, and I can’t wait to see all the places she’ll go.

easton-3 easton-9 easton-12 easton-13 easton-14 easton-17 easton-19 easton-20 easton-25 easton-22 easton-35 easton-37  easton-39 easton-38easton-40 easton-42 easton-44 easton-46 easton-47 easton-48 easton-54 easton-57 easton-65 easton-64easton-67 easton-78 easton-81 easton-83 easton-80 easton-85


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