Ms. Nora

I can’t believe it. I seriously just can’t even.

Nora is getting so big! This little girl has turned six months old and Aunt Mel couldn’t be more proud. It’s crazy to think that a year ago, I was putting together a July 4th baby announcement video for her parents! I had a really hard time culling this shoot because she’s just so darn cute.  Oh and this was her first experience touching grass.  It was my favorite thing.  Happy half birthday Nora.

Here’s a mini shoot we put together to celebrate.

Check out her left hand. It’s the first touch. Norasixmo-3 Norasixmo-4

Totally unsure.Norasixmo-5 Norasixmo-8 Norasixmo-10 Norasixmo-11 Norasixmo-15 Norasixmo-19 Norasixmo-26 Norasixmo-23

This smile.Norasixmo-27 Norasixmo-31 Norasixmo-37 Norasixmo-39 Norasixmo-44 Norasixmo-46

That gut. ❤Norasixmo-54

Happy Fourth, yall.Norasixmo-55

Ms. Nora

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