Hayden and Morgyn

It was a mid summer day and there was a flurry of activity in Morgyn’s hotel room. Girls, flowers, and hair accessories scattered the room. The day had finally come and though she and Hayden had already exchanged their vows months earlier, Morgyn was still filled with nervous anticipation.

The day could have stood to be a bit cooler, but what’s to be expected on a Sarasota summer?  It couldn’t have been more beautiful. This couple was so fun and easy to photograph. My favorite part: anyone can see that they’re best friends.  They love to be around each other.  And that fact alone put everyone at ease. Here are some favorite shots from the day.

HaydenMorgyn-3 HaydenMorgyn-7 HaydenMorgyn-14 HaydenMorgyn-18 HaydenMorgyn-29 HaydenMorgyn-42 HaydenMorgyn-48 HaydenMorgyn-52 HaydenMorgyn-58 HaydenMorgyn-69 HaydenMorgyn-70 HaydenMorgyn-72 HaydenMorgyn-77

Hayden wore his blues for the first look.HaydenMorgyn-86 HaydenMorgyn-90 HaydenMorgyn-94 HaydenMorgyn-96 HaydenMorgyn-100 HaydenMorgyn-107 HaydenMorgyn-109 HaydenMorgyn-159

HaydenMorgyn-141HaydenMorgyn-164 HaydenMorgyn-198 HaydenMorgyn-206 HaydenMorgyn-216 HaydenMorgyn-218 HaydenMorgyn-223 HaydenMorgyn-348 HaydenMorgyn-492 HaydenMorgyn-430 HaydenMorgyn-415



Hayden and Morgyn


I got invited to a birthday party for little Zeke primarily to take photos and secondarily to have a blast.  Well I did the first, and in the process the latter was accomplished as well! Zeke turned one and his family wanted it documented.  I hope the photos portray what a lovely family he is a part of.  They are all beautiful.  Here are snippets of what the evening held.

I “mustache” you to scroll down please.

Zekeoneyear-6 Zekeoneyear-7 Zekeoneyear-9 Zekeoneyear-11 Zekeoneyear-16 Zekeoneyear-17 Zekeoneyear-25 Zekeoneyear-31 Zekeoneyear-47 Zekeoneyear-48 Zekeoneyear-53 Zekeoneyear-56 Zekeoneyear-58 Zekeoneyear-61 Zekeoneyear-66 Zekeoneyear-67 Zekeoneyear-70 Zekeoneyear-72 Zekeoneyear-84 Zekeoneyear-92 Zekeoneyear-93