I got invited to a birthday party for little Zeke primarily to take photos and secondarily to have a blast.  Well I did the first, and in the process the latter was accomplished as well! Zeke turned one and his family wanted it documented.  I hope the photos portray what a lovely family he is a part of.  They are all beautiful.  Here are snippets of what the evening held.

I “mustache” you to scroll down please.

Zekeoneyear-6 Zekeoneyear-7 Zekeoneyear-9 Zekeoneyear-11 Zekeoneyear-16 Zekeoneyear-17 Zekeoneyear-25 Zekeoneyear-31 Zekeoneyear-47 Zekeoneyear-48 Zekeoneyear-53 Zekeoneyear-56 Zekeoneyear-58 Zekeoneyear-61 Zekeoneyear-66 Zekeoneyear-67 Zekeoneyear-70 Zekeoneyear-72 Zekeoneyear-84 Zekeoneyear-92 Zekeoneyear-93


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