Brett + Jordyn


My teal and purple wind jacket swished loudly as I reached into my pocket to check the text.  Oh man, Oh man, Oh man.  My heart began to pound as I made my way through the overgrown bushes and trees.

The plan had been executed perfectly up until now.  My dear friend was about to be proposed to and the execution of said plan was well under way. She was about to be so surprised. And that was a miracle.

If you would have sent a hovercraft over the Palmer Hill (the only hill in Sarasota), one would have spotted a suspicious looking person in an abnormally large straw hat and 80’s windsuit, making their way through waste high shrubs clearly off any of the designated running paths.  One would have thought it disconcerting as said person crouched behind a tree for a second and then moved on.

I was looking for the perfect location.  I had disguised myself perfectly, each article of clothing was something I wouldn’t have been caught dead in.  Ok, that’s not really true because I love the ’80’s, but Jordyn wouldn’t recognize me. That’s all that mattered.

As I sat crouching in the high shrubs waiting to hear their voices, I periodically whipped my camera out to snap a photo of a weed.  I supposed it would be better to be thought of as a strange botanist than a creepy peeper with a camera.

I think my heart was pounding more than Brett’s. Was I popping the question? No. But I was getting the shot.

All went nearly 100% according to plan despite nearly running into them on the path, getting eaten alive by mosquitos, and sitting dangerously close to a spider web.  Those minor details were greatly diminished in light of the glory of the moment Brett got down on his knee underneath the sprinkling gray clouds.  *snap

So here are the *snaps. Hope you enjoyed a bit of my story. I wish the best for theirs. Here’s to Brett and Jordyn!


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Brett + Jordyn