Tate and Michelle

My sister is getting married in nearly exactly a month! I had the honor of shooting their engagement session.  I knew it would be good because we are all so comfortable with one another.  Whenever I give photos to clients, I always try to include the quirky ones too.  This shoot was no exception.  I feel that those are the moments that define a relationship. They may not be perfect, but they are true. And I’m all about honest photography.


Tate is one of the best things that I’ve seen happen to my sister.  He’s so many things that she’s not, and vice versa. The common joke is that Michelle is marrying someone exactly like me. He’s also really goofy, as you can see in the photos.


It’s been such an honor to get to know him over the past few years. I’ve seen him grow during that time.  Emotionally and spiritually.  I think he should be about done growing physically!  I’ve seen him realize what it takes to be a man worthy of a woman’s love.  He’s made difficult decisions in order to make her feel safe in their relationship.  So we welcome him with open arms and are excited to see where God takes the both of them.


Tate and Michelle

Sam and Fernando Engaged

My dear friends Sam and Fernando are engaged! Of course, Fern was a bit skittish when it came to photos, but part of my job is to change my clients’ perspective on themselves.  One of my favorite aspects of my job is when I get to make my clients feel comfortable in their own skin, and usually they don’t even realize they are changing throughout the shoot! This is where great humor and peace come in handy.  Check out how cute they are.


Sam and Fernando Engaged

Hayden and Morgyn

It was a mid summer day and there was a flurry of activity in Morgyn’s hotel room. Girls, flowers, and hair accessories scattered the room. The day had finally come and though she and Hayden had already exchanged their vows months earlier, Morgyn was still filled with nervous anticipation.

The day could have stood to be a bit cooler, but what’s to be expected on a Sarasota summer?  It couldn’t have been more beautiful. This couple was so fun and easy to photograph. My favorite part: anyone can see that they’re best friends.  They love to be around each other.  And that fact alone put everyone at ease. Here are some favorite shots from the day.

HaydenMorgyn-3 HaydenMorgyn-7 HaydenMorgyn-14 HaydenMorgyn-18 HaydenMorgyn-29 HaydenMorgyn-42 HaydenMorgyn-48 HaydenMorgyn-52 HaydenMorgyn-58 HaydenMorgyn-69 HaydenMorgyn-70 HaydenMorgyn-72 HaydenMorgyn-77

Hayden wore his blues for the first look.HaydenMorgyn-86 HaydenMorgyn-90 HaydenMorgyn-94 HaydenMorgyn-96 HaydenMorgyn-100 HaydenMorgyn-107 HaydenMorgyn-109 HaydenMorgyn-159

HaydenMorgyn-141HaydenMorgyn-164 HaydenMorgyn-198 HaydenMorgyn-206 HaydenMorgyn-216 HaydenMorgyn-218 HaydenMorgyn-223 HaydenMorgyn-348 HaydenMorgyn-492 HaydenMorgyn-430 HaydenMorgyn-415



Hayden and Morgyn

The Londoner Bridal Shower

At my age, I’ve had the privilege of walking with friends as they meet cute guys, grow hearts in their eyes, and eventually walk down the isle to meet their true love.  Which means I’ve attended my fair share of bachelorette parties, bridal gatherings, and wedding prep get togethers.  Well, this one happened to be one of my favorites.

Bekah invited all of her friends to a tea party at The Londoner, and boy did we have fun. Set inside the eclectic downtown Bradenton, Florida, this Victorian bed and breakfast is the perfect location to throw a party. The staff was amazing, the scones were absolutely perfect, and the house was picturesque.  Bekah’s hour consisted of Earl grey, scones, floral tea cups, and a celebration of femininity accompanied by laughter.

Congratulations to Bekah and David.  Let’s toast our scones to true love.

Hm… toasted scones… interesting thought.

thelondoner-10 thelondoner-12 thelondoner-14 thelondoner-18 thelondoner-20 thelondoner-25 thelondoner-26 thelondoner-29 thelondoner-36 thelondoner-38 thelondoner-39 thelondoner-43 thelondoner-51 thelondoner-53 thelondoner-59 thelondoner-63 thelondoner-71 thelondoner-70 thelondoner-75 thelondoner-83 thelondoner-91 thelondoner-92 thelondoner-94 thelondoner-95

The Londoner Bridal Shower

Morone Wedding

I’m just now putting this wedding on the blog.  Better late than never, right?

I love this couple.  Everything about them is sweet, gentle, and caring.  And they have a great story.  They met online.  I knew Trisha before she met Joe.  When I met them to go over wedding plans, I just looked at her.  She had this little glint in her eye that I hadn’t seen before.  And when she smiled, I’m pretty sure I saw one of her teeth do that sparkle thing you see in the movies.  Joe was in a similar condition.  They were smitten.  And I was smitten by their smitten-ness.  Don’t kill me for making up a word.

Here are the photos from their special day.





Morone-34 Morone-42 Morone-44



Morone-40 Morone-57 Morone-61 Morone-71

Morone-81 Morone-136 Morone-139 Morone-143

Morone-78 Morone-86 Morone-89 Morone-99

Morone-110 Morone-112Morone-104Morone-122


Morone-97 Morone-116 Morone-130 Morone-132 Morone-135 Morone-149

Morone-142 Morone-155 Morone-159 Morone-171 Morone-173 Morone-177



Morone-186 Morone-188 Morone-190 Morone-206 Morone-211 Morone-208



Morone-236 Morone-231 Morone-220 Morone-214 Morone-212




Morone Wedding


This past weekend one of my dearest friends got married to her best friend.  I cried all the tears and laughed all the laughs.  I also didn’t catch any of the sleeps.

Basically the weekend was like a forced friendship between eight girls.  But the beauty in it was that we were all linked to one amazing woman- Danielle- so we were pretty compliant.  Eager, actually.  And true to form, I found that Danielle has picked some amazing women to stand by her in life.

If I were to write about all the things Danielle means to me, I’d probably type until my fingers fall asleep so I’ll spare myself. I hate that painful prickly feeling.

Instead, I’d like to highlight a few things that come to mind.  First, something she has taught me is the beauty of imperfection.  This was monumental to me during college because I’ve always grown up with this ideal image of what I need to be.  What my life needs to look like.  Expectations not only put on myself by others, but mostly from myself.  I’ll never forget seeing her make mistakes during our time in school.  Each time she learned something valuable and crucial for her personal growth. I remember her talking about “embracing the messy” in our lives.  And it was in those moments where I realized I didn’t have to be perfect. I learned how to live life freely.  Free to be myself,  mess up sometimes, and take responsibility to clean up after.  If you know me, you’ll understand why this is such a big deal.  I’m kind of clumsy and crazy things happen to me all the time. I’m anything but perfect.

It’s actually what you do after you make a mistake that counts.  We all fail.  We all screw up. And that’s ok.

Something else I drew from Danielle was how she holds on to her values.  She doesn’t take them lightly. Time after time I have been in awe of how she lives out her faith and loyalty to the ones she loves. I’ve watched her waver over decisions and I’ve seen her hold fast to the things that she knows and believes. She chooses according to what makes her a better person. I’ve watched as she moved hundreds of miles away to cultivate her relationship with Bill. I’ve listened to her speak words of life over me during some of my lowest moments. She’s not afraid of doing difficult things. I love that about her.

So here’s a bit of the weekend. I hope it gives a glimpse of the camaraderie that unraveled.  It was so good to make new friends and travel with older ones.  Travel does my heart good.  billelle-95 billelle-96 billelle-98


billelle-4 billelle-3 billelle-2 billelle-1 billelle-7 billelle-9 billelle-10 billelle-11 billelle-17 billelle-18 billelle-13 billelle-16

billelle-29 billelle-30 billelle-31 billelle-32 billelle-34 billelle-33 billelle-37 billelle-38

billelle-19 billelle-22 billelle-23 billelle-24 billelle-26 billelle-28 billelle-41 billelle-43 billelle-47 billelle-52


billelle-53 billelle-54 billelle-58 billelle-56 billelle-64 billelle-65 billelle-62 billelle-70 billelle-71


billelle-74 billelle-75

billelle-80 billelle-83 billelle-85 billelle-86 billelle-87 billelle-89 billelle-92 billelle-93 billelle-94