Alyssa and Caleb


Alyssa and Caleb

The Morgans + 1

Meet the Morgan family. The other night, we went out for a little shoot on the beach. We saw so many things: a little lady with a flash tattoo dancing on the beach, a little old man who photobombed some of the shots, and a ton of sea gulls! Lucas didn’t like the sand. He can’t say it yet, but he’s really excited about his little sister coming in January.  And  you could probably guess…Alex loves his photo taken.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

Morgans Web-2Morgans Web-4Morgans Web-8

Little drooler.Morgans Web-12Morgans Web-15Morgans Web-23Morgans Web-25Morgans Web-27Morgans Web-34Morgans Web-35Morgans Web-37Morgans Web-39Morgans Web-44Morgans Web-48Morgans Web-53Morgans Web-56Morgans Web-55

The Morgans + 1


I got invited to a birthday party for little Zeke primarily to take photos and secondarily to have a blast.  Well I did the first, and in the process the latter was accomplished as well! Zeke turned one and his family wanted it documented.  I hope the photos portray what a lovely family he is a part of.  They are all beautiful.  Here are snippets of what the evening held.

I “mustache” you to scroll down please.

Zekeoneyear-6 Zekeoneyear-7 Zekeoneyear-9 Zekeoneyear-11 Zekeoneyear-16 Zekeoneyear-17 Zekeoneyear-25 Zekeoneyear-31 Zekeoneyear-47 Zekeoneyear-48 Zekeoneyear-53 Zekeoneyear-56 Zekeoneyear-58 Zekeoneyear-61 Zekeoneyear-66 Zekeoneyear-67 Zekeoneyear-70 Zekeoneyear-72 Zekeoneyear-84 Zekeoneyear-92 Zekeoneyear-93


Ms. Nora

I can’t believe it. I seriously just can’t even.

Nora is getting so big! This little girl has turned six months old and Aunt Mel couldn’t be more proud. It’s crazy to think that a year ago, I was putting together a July 4th baby announcement video for her parents! I had a really hard time culling this shoot because she’s just so darn cute.  Oh and this was her first experience touching grass.  It was my favorite thing.  Happy half birthday Nora.

Here’s a mini shoot we put together to celebrate.

Check out her left hand. It’s the first touch. Norasixmo-3 Norasixmo-4

Totally unsure.Norasixmo-5 Norasixmo-8 Norasixmo-10 Norasixmo-11 Norasixmo-15 Norasixmo-19 Norasixmo-26 Norasixmo-23

This smile.Norasixmo-27 Norasixmo-31 Norasixmo-37 Norasixmo-39 Norasixmo-44 Norasixmo-46

That gut. ❤Norasixmo-54

Happy Fourth, yall.Norasixmo-55

Ms. Nora

Godshall Family

So you are currently looking at one of my favorite shoots. The colors, the people… Seriously, there’s just something that starts to stir in me when I get to document people in their homes.  You wouldn’t think it makes a difference, but there is a physical change that happens to people when you bring the camera to them- not vice versa.  They are calm. They smile more.  They even get more creative.  Jason and Jen made my heart happy.  And wouldn’t you know that little baby Nate really likes me? He honestly breaks into a huge grin when I walk into the room.  And this kid has a killer grin that will melt a heart of stone. It did mine anyway. Did I mention anything about these colors?

So here is to Story Shoots at home. Here’s to the Godshall family for letting me in.  Here’s to many more to come!nategodshall-5 nategodshall-9 nategodshall-10 nategodshall-13 nategodshall-20 nategodshall-19 nategodshall-23 nategodshall-25nategodshall-2nategodshall-27 nategodshall-28 nategodshall-34 nategodshall-39 nategodshall-42 nategodshall-44 nategodshall-48 nategodshall-52 nategodshall-53 nategodshall-54

Godshall Family

Miss Nora

So I’ve been hanging around children a little more frequently lately.  And though I haven’t been particularly fond of them before, I’m beginning to sway my opinion.  They are charming little stinkers.  I always heard about the “miracle of birth,” yada yada and “how fast they grow,” yada yada.  It never really had much affect on me. I’ve just never been around children very much.

I think that I can probably pin point the moment that all began to change in my heart.  I think it was the moment, after thirty some hours of waiting, when my best friend held Nora in her arms for the first time.  I was behind the camera for all of it, and all eyes were on those two. But if you would have turned and looked back at me, you would have seen little tears pooling in my eyes.  I could hear myself repeat, “oh my gosh, oh my gosh,” but it was almost like my voice was outside of my body- it wasn’t really coming from myself.  And I stood there camera still in hand, unable to see what it was focused on.  I kept looking at her little eyes and her lips. Oh, her lips! And that’s the point where it changed for me.  I think I got it.

Though this was the turning point in a sense for me, I had been experiencing other strange things culminating within my little- apparently grinch-like heart.  I’d been helping my sister with her nanny job once a week.  This means I got to spend 4.5 hours with a one year old every once or twice a week.  And I began to appreciate the little moments when she would run to me like she liked me.  Or when she actually laughed at something I did to entertain her (I mean, I think I’m funny).  Or the way she curled up in my arms while I rocked her before her nap.  Am I sounding mushy? Oh my gosh, I’m being a mush ball.  To save myself some dignity, I’ll refrain from any more of these moments.  I will say one more thing: I’m feeling a lot more comfortable around babies now.  My feelings aren’t as hurt when they cry in my arms.  I feel like I can hold them without making their heads fall off (they really are a lot more durable than you’d think). That being said, it’s still going to take me a while to get over  my disgust over all the weird fluids that babies produce and get all over you. Vomit. Pee. Poop. Boogers. Snot. Ew. I’m definitely #notafan .

And on a funnier note (and the reason for this post) what I most appreciate about babies is their ability to be them.  Flagrantly so.  I love their odd shaped bodies and incessant babbling- all things that would be considered faux pa for an adult to do.

So here’s Nora. The girl who kind of changed my life in a way.  Or at least my perspective.

I’ll be pointing out some of my favorite poses and faces.

Nora-1 Nora-5 Nora-6 Nora-10  Nora-12 Nora-13 Nora-15

Here’s rapper Nora:Nora-19

Intimidating Nora:Nora-21

Stoked about her age Nora:Nora-23   Nora-29

And my personal fave, incredibly pear shaped Nora (when would it ever be cool to flaunt this bod in public as an adult?)Nora-30

The clingy Nora:Nora-31 Nora-32

And the skeptical Nora:Nora-38 Nora-41


She gone:Nora-39

Miss Nora